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Parts, Spares and Accessories for Land Rover Vehicles

Welcome to our UK based Central Store
- Shipping to UK and Other Destinations
- Available in Multiple Languages and Currencies
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Welcome to our About Us Section

Some may argue that it is unnecessary to have an entire section of a website devoted to simply things "about us". I mean, how much is there really to say about one organisation

Well, we think that there is quite an interesting story behind land-rover-parts-shop.com which might help you to understand why we started up. For instance, if you were to realise that we aren't just one organisation, but a co-operative collection of Land Rover specialists based around the world, you might just want to know how that came to be.

Please click on one of the links on the left hand side to get started.

History of Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com

In 2003, a couple of UK based Land Rover parts specialists decided to collaborate and build a website that made accurate parts identification easy. This was due to the amount of interest in Land Rover parts that the internet was generating through various sites such as Google and Ebay. Forums too were packed full of threads from different Land Rover owners trying to identify the correct part for their year of vehicle, and quite often getting incorrect responses from other owners.

To do this effectively, would mean building a database of such size that people could find parts for their vehicle by simply specifying their vehicle information to the website first and then letting the site present them with only those parts that fitted their vehicle.

These two companies set to work and deliver this idea and in 2004 Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com was launched. Fairly plain and ordinary looking but incredibly useful. Finally, people could literally see only those parts that were relevent to their vehicle, providing of course that they entered the Model, Engine and Year. And the orders started flooding in.

Unfortunately, buyer behaviour on the site suggested that a number of people did not want to have to put their vehicle details in, in order to search for parts. They just weren't happy shopping this way. Many wanted to search by part number or description. Others wanted to browse across multiple vehicles at once. Others simply wanted to buy generic accessories suitable for all vehicles.

This meant that the two companies had to rethink their approach a little...........see more

History of Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com - continued

The two companies went to work again, and set about delivering a new site that accomodated all shopping behaviours by providing a variety of different browse and search preferences. They were also mindful of the amount of export orders that were coming through and the requirement to deal in other languages and currencies became evident.

The two companies had well established connections with other Land Rover specialists in other European Countries and agreements came into place that stated that customers shopping locally from these specific countries could do so in local languages and local currency via land-rover-parts-shop.com and that they would be dealt with by the local company.

In 2007, a new version of land-rover-parts-shop.com was launched which offered the UK store as the central, international store, and three other stores in France, Germany and Spain, all presented in their local languages. The site had a major facelift too, and now customers could search for parts using part number or description, or they could browse by model and engine without knowing the year. To ensure that they could still identify the correct parts, we provided them with an "application checker" on every part, so that fitment checks could be made once the items had been found. A feature that proved hugely popular with people.

By the end of 2009, land-rover-parts-shop.com represented four countries and languages, was recieving 40,000 visits per month and was top of the search engines for almost every Land Rover parts related search string.

International Network

You can currently shop on land-rover-parts-shop.com via our stores in the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Portugal. These sites are offered in multiple languages and a variety of currencies. Many more countries are planned for the future.

Our Philosophy

It is a funny thing, trying to state a philosophy for a company. This is because it is difficult to make it sound convincing, however, with the amount of time, resource, testing and all round effort that has gone into the land-rover-parts-shop.com, we can say quite proudly that our philosophy is to "Deliver a Genuine Advantage". This runs intrinsically through everything that we do from building and running a website, through to the parts that we sell, through to our ability to serve you, through to the parts arriving at your door.

Our Pledge

Our philosophy is to offer the best, most internationally accessible, most intuitive and most helpful Land Rover Parts and Accessories site on the internet. We want you to be completely satisfied with your online shopping experience with us and we welcome all feedback, good or bad, as this only helps us to improve.

If you have any suggestions, recommendations or feedback of any kind, please use the contact us page to let us know about them.

WELCOME: Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com offers quality parts and accessories from recognised brands in the Land Rover market. We offer fantastic choice on our parts to ensure that there are Landrover parts available to suit most budgets while still ensuring quality. Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com also provides accurate fitment information to ensure that you can identify the right parts for your vehicle and we have even included illustrations of more complex parts areas to help you identify those "hard to describe" parts. Browse product categories. Shop by Land Rover Part Number. Shop by Parts Description. Shop with confidence. Over 8000 parts.

You can find almost any part for any model of Land Rover whether you're looking to upgrade the suspension on your Defender, replace the Brakes on your Discovery, service the engine of your Freelander, enhance the look of your Range Rover with some stylish accessories, renew some of those perished parts on your old Series III or even read up on the new Rangeover Evoque, Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com is the best place to start.
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