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Parts, Spares and Accessories for Land Rover Vehicles

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Land Rover Lights - HID Lighting

Land Rover Spotlights are Iconic. The beaming spotlights paving way for an offroader venturing through uncontested land. Spotlights are Distinctive; whilst Lightforce are Efficient and Powerful products. Especially these: Lightforce HID SpotLights. Lightforce are both for the serious Off-roader and the casual driver as the Lightforce spotlights are highly customisable for your needs in colour, positioning & lighting direction.

Land Rover Driving Lights

Image og the various modes LightForce Lights Offer

As stated, LightForce lights benefit from the flexibility of Customisation; in turn improves the versatility of your Land Rover in various conditions and situtations.

Keeping in mind for all types of Drivers, but with the ablity to switch to Wide to make sure you have full vision of the near road of any Offroad Hazards from all angles. Even the standard Spotlight provides you a great breath of distance.

So even if you're a on-roader, your Spotlights won't at all become redundant for not off-roading often.


Land Rover Spotlights with 'HID' Technology

What excatly is 'HID' Technology? HID stands for "High Intensity Discharge" providing low power consumption & high quality output of lighting. As Lightforce themselves explain:

"HID is a type of electrical bulb which produces light by means of an electric arc between tungsten electrodes housed inside a translucent arc tube. This tube is filled with both gas and metal salts. The gas facilitates the arc´s initial strike via a high voltage pulse produced by the igniter. Once the arc is started, the ballast maintains a constant arc which evaporates the metal salts forming a plasma. This greatly increases the intensity of light produced by the arc and reduces its power consumption."

Thus, HID lights take just approximately 15 to 25 seconds to reach a stable brightness.

So this Technology is a great choice for future proofing your Landy and using the latest Technology for your Land Rover Vehicle. Furthermore.

Lance 140 HID Lights

Lightforce 140 Lance

Smallest of the Family but also boasts a very reasonable and affordable price, ideal for any type of driver, size of vehicle & type. Lightweight make, weighting at just 460g per unit; ready for any situation. Intense lighting, even at efficient 75 Watts delivering for well over 3500+ hours

170 Striker HID Lights

Lightforce 170 Striker

The 170 is a our middle range driving light with Lightforce, getting a great balance of both the smallest & the larger 240's - thus it’s all-roundedness has deemed very popular. Boasting the 240's 100 Watts at an attractive low maintenance 2000+ hour blub; Thus often coupled with the 240's to present a great set of Spotlights for your Land Rover Veichle.

240 Blitz LightForce Lights

Lightforce 240 Blitz

Lightforce's true long distance light, finding a great middle ground for price; value and weight for it's uncontested power - it became popular, even to such industries such as Heavy Transport & Freight Industries.

Lightforce 240XTGT HID Lights

Lightforce 240XGT Lights

Lightforce's Answer to Serious offroaders. Popular with motorsport users for it's lightweight Polycarbonate combintation to having the highest light density output LightForce can offer. Often partnered with the 170's for an awesome set on top of your Land rover vehicle.

But our LightForce product list doesn't stop there.. You can check here for even more with our: LightForce Product Range


Lightforce Lens

As stated before, Lightforce Products are fully customisable for personalisation, with a whole range of colours to pick from, you can swiftly change the lighting presence of your Land Rover in minutes.

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