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Parts, Spares and Accessories for Land Rover Vehicles

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About 'Safety Devices'

Land Rover Off-roading is any Land Rover's fan favourite past time. Touring across rough, technical land that our Outer city country sides offer, pushing your Land Rover to greater limits. Even more so for those who live in even more mountainous, dynamic and unpredictable landscapes, despite it's decades of brilliant engineering - your Land Rover isn't always safe from harm.

Safety Devices offer unrivalled quality in it's name - prepping your Landrover with safer interior & exterior from Roll Cages to Outer Underbody Protection. Fully extending the lifetime & relibality of your Land Rover Vehicle.

Although, we mainly specialise on their Roll Cages on Land-Rover-Part-Shop.com, which would provide you the question what would I need roll cages for?

Top #3 Reasons for having a Land Rover Roll Cage

  1. Your Safety - Quite cliche but undoubtedly the uncontested number #1 reason; your safety. The body of your Land Rover contains hard metals that on impact, have damaging effects on you effortlessly. Roll cages undeniably provide extra protection on your Land Rover chassis and thus protecting you from harm.

  2. An Extension for Further Accessories & Offroad style
  3. - They often they give extra room for additions to your Land rover for further personalisation. Furthermore, Land Rover Roll cages have a serious edge about them; having one that faces the public from the extrior stands out from the other cars on the road.

  4. Cost effectiveness - Roll Cages are low maintenance and offer great return on value on the products & parts it's protecting respectively

Take a look below on what we have to offer:

Land Rover Roll Cages


Discovery Roll Cage - RBL0246SSS

The Discovery 1 full Interior RBL0246SSS Roll Cage. 3 door cage, front legs unobstructive from drivers' window view and floor mounted with reinforcing plates for extra strength. Strong 45mm Tube thick tube roll cage covering your Discovery.

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RBL0816SSS Roll Cage

Discovery Roll Cage - RBL0816SSS

Discovery 1 full Exterior Roll Cage for the post 95' model; a vast 5 door internal cage with reforinced plates for extra stength. Check Terrafirmas Illustration for a great example image:

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RBL1817SSS RollCage Illustration

Defender Roll Cage - RBL1817SSS

Full Exterior Rollcage for the popular Defender. We've provided an illustration below from Safety Devices to give you an idea of it's coverage. The RBL1817SSS extends from the front to the rear; connected by 38mm tough tubes across.

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RBL2167SSS Discovery 2 RollCage

Discovery Roll Cage - RBL2167SSS

Our stocked Roll cage for the Discovery 2, below is a stocked image from Terrafirma's website of the RBL2168SSS. The roll cage accompanies a V-brace in the B hoop, front legs pass through dash and floor mounted for increased stability.

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Defender Roll Cage - RBL1087SSS

By far our most comprehensive Defender 90 External Roll Cage; mounted at 6 points around the Defender with great coverage and breath for maximum protection. Grey sliver coating, consistent 45mm tube over the whole cage, with opportunities to add new spot lights upon the top bracket; really allowing your Defender to be modified, personalised and look like a serious 4x4 offroader.

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WELCOME: Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com offers quality parts and accessories from recognised brands in the Land Rover market. We offer fantastic choice on our parts to ensure that there are Landrover parts available to suit most budgets while still ensuring quality. Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com also provides accurate fitment information to ensure that you can identify the right parts for your vehicle and we have even included illustrations of more complex parts areas to help you identify those "hard to describe" parts. Browse product categories. Shop by Land Rover Part Number. Shop by Parts Description. Shop with confidence. Over 8000 parts.

You can find almost any part for any model of Land Rover whether you're looking to upgrade the suspension on your Defender, replace the Brakes on your Discovery, service the engine of your Freelander, enhance the look of your Range Rover with some stylish accessories, renew some of those perished parts on your old Series III or even read up on the new Rangeover Evoque, Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com is the best place to start.
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