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Parts, Spares and Accessories for Land Rover Vehicles

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Terrafirma Supsension Kit

Terrafirma caters for all types of Land Rover owners from everyday drivers looking for quality, reliable parts to off-roading Enthuasists seeking for high performance & durablity. Terrafirma are a brand & product of Allmakes 4x4, meeting to their reowned high quality of parts & accessories for the Land rover aftermarket.

Land Rover Suspension

Terrafirma's largest & most popular product range is their outstanding Supension kit ranges for off-road enthuasists, delivering Land Rover owners with the ablity to pushing their veichle to further and more extreme limits. They offer a great selection and detail depending your car and needs.

Terrafirma Suspension Range Breakdown

  • All Terrian Suspension Kits
  • Staple, Versatile & Supremely all-rounded.

  • Pro Sport Suspension Kits
  • The Pro sport consists of an extra tough twin tube design. Features include an extra +2" inches (50mm) over the standard Terrafirma Suspension Kits allowing greater wheel travel & and fittied velocity sensitive valving for extra versitality. Purposely built to making prevent the unlikely event of shock fade with the Pro Sport Suspension Kits.

  • P38 Air to Coil Conversion Kit(s)
  • Discovery 2 to Coil Conversion Kit(s)

Land Rover Coil Springs

Coil springs are an integral and essential part of your Landrover vehicle for good drivability, ensuring you have the right coil springs for the right level of weight on your Landrover effects your:

  • Lift
  • Correct Height
  • Flexibality
  • Purpose

All important factors when considering to buy your coil springs. Thankfully, Terrafirma try our best to make it easy for you to find the perfect Coil spring for you. Easy part number referencing give you an accurate selection of Coils:

>> Click to see a full table of Terrafirma Coil Springs

Land Rover Brake Discs - Terrafirma Branded

Terrafirma CDG Disc Brake - Part Number: SDB000646CDG Disc Brake - SDB101070CDG Above shot of Disc Brake - Terrafirma

Other performance enchancing products include Terrafirma Land Rover Brakes. Terrafirma offering reponsive, reliable & brilliant spec Brake discs for all types of Land Rover vehicles. Terrafirma brake discs offer increased bite from cold and excellent fade resistance in most 4WD braking applications, products that you depend on. Whether it´s a steep rocky descent, ploughing through mud and water or just daily driving these brake discs will give excellent stopping performance in all conditions.

The 'CDG' Keyword mentioned within Terrafirma catogule stands for 'Cross Drilled & Grooved'; these features are specially intended to further improve the lastablity of Disc Brakes. The 'Grooves' wipe away the build up of dust & gases that clog up in most other Brake Discs. 'Cross Drillings' aid the ventilation allowing heat & gasses to escape with ease. As a result, producing all rounded, highly substainable and robust set of Land Rover Brake Discs.

>> Click to see Full Brake Disc Product Selection Breakdown

Terrafirma Spot Lights

Terrafirma offer two different Terrafirma Branded Spotlights to add to your Land Rover/Range Rover Vehicle

These two have slightly different attributes that Terrafirma attempt to cater for your needs; These both are great choice for Land Rover Spot Lights that you might be searching for - along with the stylish Terrafirma Branding, proving you to be a serious 4x4 Offroader.

Underbody Protection

The unpredictably of common Off-road hazards such as sharp rocks, covered stumps & holes can gradually inflict damage onto your Land Rover, thus it seriously pays to be protected against such hazards. It’s a great idea to pro-actively add guards to your land rover that range from prices starting at £50, inevitably helping to protect products that are worth four times the actual guard. It’ll definitely pay off in the long run.

This adds great amount of longevity to your Land Rover; bringing down maintenance costs and enduring quality to your vehicle. Even some on-road conditions aren’t always as smooth as we expect them to be.

Underbody Guards are split into various categories:

Steering Guards

Steering Guards situate themselves on the underside of the front of your Land Rover vehicle; these high visibility guards not only add a highly attractive trait to your Land rover vehicle but also high importance for area of protection. High visibility also accounts for high potential area for damage. The underside of the steering mechanism could be one of the first point of contacts for the common awkward object whilst offroading. Thus, the Steering guard importantly protects key important areas of your Land Rover.

Underbody Protection comes in other flavors too:

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You can find almost any part for any model of Land Rover whether you're looking to upgrade the suspension on your Defender, replace the Brakes on your Discovery, service the engine of your Freelander, enhance the look of your Range Rover with some stylish accessories, renew some of those perished parts on your old Series III or even read up on the new Rangeover Evoque, Land-Rover-Parts-Shop.com is the best place to start.
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